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70 Best Topics in Narrative Essays


These discoveries and personal feelings are the pearls of good stories, just don’t use them too much. You have finished the story and before you finish the written part of the essay, it is time to finish it…

With the help of a narrative essay, the writer not only entertains the reader, but also educates him, illustrating his point of view with an example from life. You will start by describing time and space, by describing feelings, or directly by a lesson you have learned.??

You are the author, so when writing a narrative essay, you are free to choose the tools and formats. Simply decide what you want to emphasize or what excites you, and try to convey it to your readers….

Narrative essay function

It should always be remembered that even a small event or incident can serve as a plot for an interesting story. The point is that it must convey meaning; it must be a kind of warning tale. In a narrative essay, the writer tells the story of his personal experience. However, it would be wrong to treat the narrative essay as an interesting bedtime story. In this type of essay, the author should talk about their experience in a specific context, such as a lesson learned..

How to write a narrative essay Introduction

By grabbing attention from the beginning, you ensure that the story is read to the end, and that is what you want to achieve. A narrative essay is usually about personal experience, so choose a short story from your life that has some interesting aspects. Determine what was the beginning, the development, which moment was most dramatic for you and how it all was resolved.

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